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Welcome to Puradyme NZ

Turn over a new leaf on life!
It's not the food in your life, but the life in your food!

4 PRINCIPLES: our strategy to achieve and maintain vibrant health.

Cellular Communication

Cellular Communication is where we have Optimal Mind / Body / Spirit Communication. It allows heightened communication between all the cells in the body!

Cellular Environment

Cellular environment is simply incorporating nature's four elements into our lives (Sun, Air, Water & Earth) to establish a good cellular environment for health on a daily basis!

Cellular Exercise

Cellular Exercise is an extremely important form of exercise that detoxifies the cells of the toxins that have gotten stored in them and also energizes the cells.

Cellular Nutrition

Cellular Nutrition is grounded in supplying every cell of our bodies with enzymes. This creates a radiant, healthy, and joyful life mentally, emotionally and physically!


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Puradyme's programs are designed around normal use of nutritional supplements, your health care provider may increase or decease dosage based on your condition or requirements.




More than a brand, a way of life !