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LiyfBiotic - Multi-Strain Probiotics

LiyfBiotic - Multi-Strain Probiotics

It's not only the food in your life, but the Liyf in your food!

PuraDyme's LiyfBiotic is a powerful multi-strain probiotic that contributes to a natural, healthy intestinal tract using five synergetic strains of friendly bacteria!

This formula is perfect to take daily to help improve digestion and restore healthy flora. It can also be beneficial to use at the end of the day after flossing and teeth cleaning, to assist the body in regeneration of the cells in the mouth, (particularly for gum disease) sore throats, bad breath and loose teeth.

**Product is best if used by 2 years past Date of Manufacture (D.O.M)**

Product is 8oz. or 2oz. Container!

  • LiyfBiotic 2oz - NZD$71.45
  • LiyfBiotic 8oz - NZD$250.95

* All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars and include 15% sales tax. Sales tax will be deducted from the pricing at the checkout if you are ordering from outside New Zealand.

PuraDyme Flora Blend: -12 Billion CFU
L. Acidophilus DDS-1, L.
Plantarum, B. Bifidum, B.
Longum, Bacillus Coagulum

Other Ingredients: Jerusalem Artichoke

Servings Per Container:

8oz: 209 servings

2oz: 52 servings