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Assist the body in natural recovery

Puradyme's REGENERATE Program was designed to assist the body in natural recovery from premature degeneration caused by toxicity through poor diet & unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Based on a 30 Day Supply.

This Package Contains:

Cleanse 10 oz.

1 Tsp (4 Caps) : Take Puradyme's Cleanse upon waking & 1 hour before any consumption. This product is designed to aid in improving intestinal function.

LiyfZyme 1000ct

10 Enzymes with every meal: Digestive enzymes increase the life in your food by aiding in breaking down nutrients for better absorption.

PuraLiyf 180

6 Caps at bed : Literally the life in your food! Probiotics are an essential component of digestion and prevention of disease.

Liyf Essentials 14 oz. (2 Containers)

1 Tbsp per meal: Used for energy and naturally healing by whole food nutrients

PuraZyme 120 (4 Bottles)

5 Caps in between meals: Systemic enzymes to assist in recovery from illness

REGENERATE Products can be exchanged for powder or capsules at your convenience. Additional charges may be applied to price to reflect these changes.

  • Regenerate Program - NZD$931.95

* All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars and include 15% sales tax. Sales tax will be deducted from the pricing at the checkout if you are ordering from outside New Zealand.