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PuraZyme - Cell Regenerator

PuraZyme - Cell Regenerator

It's not only the food in your life, but the Liyf in your food!

PuraDyme's PuraZyme was designed to assist the body in the natural regeneration of cells! Full of antioxidants, this product can also assist the body in:

  • Fighting degenerative diseases
  • Neutralizing free radicals in the system
  • Minimize and slowing down the aging process
  • Stabilizing your system

Take PuraZyme on an empty stomach to achieve its maximum benefit!

**Product is best if used by 3 years past Date of Manufacture (D.O.M)**

  • PuraZyme 120cap - NZD$89.45

* All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars and include 15% sales tax. Sales tax will be deducted from the pricing at the checkout if you are ordering from outside New Zealand.

Protease- 300,000HUT
Acid Stable Protease- 480 SAPU
Amylase- 90,000 DU
GlucoAmylase- 60 AGU
Lipase- 6,000FIP
Maltase- 2,000 DP
Cellulase- 3,600 CU
Invertase- 2,400 IU
Phytase- 200U
Sulfite Free Papain- 3.6 million U
Bromelain- 288GDU
SOD (as Catalase)- 200 Baker U
Puradyme Cofactor Whole Food Blend- 400mg
Quinoa Sprouts, Fennel Seed, Rose Hips, Orange, Broccoli, Bell
Pepper, Carrot Juice